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VideoPak for Absolut

VideoPak for BMW

VideoPak for Bar Mitzva Invite

VideoPak POS for Sure & Dove


You may also be interested in our other products:

Digital Key (web key)
NFC Near Field Communicatoin
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Creative Packaging
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VideoPak Web-Link

Physical to Digital

VideoPak is now available with Website Launching and Analytics technology.

Our brand new VideoPak Web-Link feature incorporates our impressive Digital Key technology into our VideoPaks and is designed to help continue interaction with your target audience as well as provide you with analytics and tracking around the campaign.

Watch our YouTube clip to find out more!

VideoPak Video Brochures

Engaging, creative, Intelligent

Build Awareness

VideoPak video brochures can help deliver insight into how people recognise and remember your brands.

Drive Sales

VideoPak video brochures maximise sales opportunities to customers and prospects.

Influence Consideration

From consideration to conviction, VideoPak video brochures can lead and influence your consumers.

Grow Loyalty and Retention

VideoPak can help encourage and grow repeat business from existing customers.

VideoPak for Target Marketing

  • It is more and more difficult to stand out from competitors. Most ways are over used. You need a strong competitive edge.
  • We are subject to 3000 brand hits a day. We pay attention to 52. We remember just 4.
  • Marketing using a Physical product is the only method that allows you to put an item directly in your clients’ hand, offering maximum engagement at home or at the desk without having to fight for attention.
  • Physical-Digital is a more effective method of communication as it is multi-sensory.
  • Target marketing via direct mail provides access to 99.9% of the UK (more than 28 million addresses).
  • 35% of recipients responded to Direct Marketing in the last 12 months and 85% of UK adults are happy to receive a Targeted Marketing on a topic of interest.
  • Improved targeting with relevant information / content / promotions, and high personalisation with personalised print and even personalised Video.

VideoPak Video Brochure can help you achieve success with the basic sales requirements of any business…

Acquisition: Getting new clients.

Retention: Retain the clients you have.

Win back: Get back the ones you lost.

Engage, inspire, activate

The video content on VideoPak helps Brands transform the way they communicate their message

Share your story

Video messages help you connect with people in a unique way.

Video messages move people to choose you

Express your business in a unique way, where and when it matters.

Reach customers

Deliver your message at the right time to the right people.

Get new business

Video messages drive results. Attract more people to you product & service, create awareness and increase sales.

Is impressing customers & prospects important to you?

To get your message noticed in today’s world, you need to get more personal, more engaging, more interesting and more thought-provoking than ever.

There are a few key fundamentals that can help increase the success of any Marketing Promotion campaign and this marketing mix should include:

Is Impressing Your Customers Important to You?

The importance of ‘Physical’

We live in the real world. Clicks, bytes and pokes have their place. But something real, something they can pick up, open up, touch, feel or even smell will tell them more about your business than an email they don’t open or a website page they don’t visit.

Physical is More engaging

Physical is More interactive

Physical is More targeted

Physical is More memorable

Physical is More attention grabbing

Average prospect direct mail opened in 2012: DM: 92%, Email 11%

The importance of ‘Digital’

Current • Cost effective and Convenient • Fast • Versatile • Practical • Streamlined • Reach a wide audience • Tracking: Performance and Measuring ROI

Examples of digital

Websites & SEO content • Blogs • Internet banner ads • Online video content • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising • Email marketing • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) • Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.) • Augmented reality

The power of Video

  • 80% of people prefer to watch a video than read text pages.
  • People retain 70% more information through video.
  • YouTube is the third biggest website in the world and averages 4 billion hits each day.
  • 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands.
  • People who view a video through to the end are 75% more engaged.
  • About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in a video.
  • 52% of marketers interviewed used videos for their promotion activities in 2011. 70% of them believe it is extremely effective.
  • Each month in the UK 35 million people watch videos online. Over 4 billion videos

The power of Print

  • Print offers tangibility
  • Print engages our minds
  • Print is available in both large and small numbers
  • Direct mail uses its ability to target – gain access to people’s home and lives
  • Print gets your attention and keeps it
  • Print encourages higher levels of emotional connection
  • The physical connection of print encourages higher levels of activation in the reader’s brain
  • Continued evolution and advancement

The importance of interactivity

  • Standing out: engaging & interacting with your audience helps build consumer loyalty & brand awareness
  • Print media now offers effective ways to access digital content using ‘bridging technologies’.
  • Interactivity allows choice and relevance selection
  • Media-mix integration
  • An effective marketing campaign works best when multi-media strategies are used
  • People are more responsive to a message if there is interactivity involved.
  • Latest innovations form a bridge between physical media and a brand’s online space, triggering consumer reaction, feedback and purchase via the digital world.
  • Interactive innovations increase the effectiveness of physical media, as well as enhancing the consumer experience.

The power of personalisation

  • Incorporating personalisation ‘the personal touch‘ within your business is important to ensure you are successfully targeting your audience.
  • Personalisation allows a company to show-off how it can relate, communicate, and interact with customers and prospects.
  • Personalisation helps convert interest into sales through superior connection and increase recurring conversions (repeat purchase) advocacy and retention.
  • Because personalisation catches the attention of the consumer, response rates increase.
  • A successful personalisation strategy will create loyalty, nurture and strengthen existing loyalty and trust from your customers making for improved repeat business too.

VideoPak Video Brochure

  • VideoPak combines Physical, Digital, Print and Video into one interactive proposition – on their own, each channel fulfills a vital marketing role. When combined they are a highly effective force in helping you stand out and be remembered.
  • VideoPak is a brilliant and innovative physical-digital marketing product that fuses video screen technology into bespoke print.
  • Developed in 2009 for a single client, then launched as a stand-alone product, VideoPak is now used by many of the worlds leading brands and world leading companies.

Common Uses of VideoPak

  • Promotions
  • Sales Aids
  • Press releases
  • PR
  • Direct mail
  • Target Marketing
  • Brand Identification
  • Luxury invitations
  • Announcements
  • Marketing Communications
  • VIP mailings
  • Direct marketing
  • Give away’s / hand outs
  • Events & exhibitions
  • Promotional brochures
  • Luxury business cards
  • Showreel’s
  • Door opening – getting in front of VIP’s

VideoPak Product Options

  • Size & shape
  • Screen size
  • Personalized print (variable data) and video
  • Custom loading screens
  • Print finishing
  • Creative packaging
  • Measurement & performance tracking
  • Portable power

Why is VideoPak so effective?

  • Physical and digital in your hand
  • Forms a bridge between physical media and a brand’s online space
  • Incredible open / viewing rates (often as high as 100%)
  • Will be shown to others (research shows as many as 7 additional people)
  • Will be retained and won’t be thrown away
  • Can be re-usable
  • Highly engaging & Interactive
  • Targeted with personalized content
  • Memorable
  • Attention grabbing
  • Current

Important people are time poor with little time to digest marketing messages – so grabbing their attention and standing out in a heavily saturated market place is the key to being recognized and making a lasting impression.

Multi Channel

  1. Mix of ROI options per campaign add power
  2. Follow up email or call to get greater cut through
  3. QR, PURLs, Digital Key, NFC

Customers that trust us

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Welcome to the wonderful world of VideoPak.


After 15 years of being “Amstore”, we are excited to announce that VideoPak’s parent company is now Fuse Innovation.

The name is a nod towards what we we specialise in:
* Fusing innovative tech into printed packaging
* Fusing the physical and digital world’s
* Fusing engaging and interactive products into peoples hands
* Fusing your messages and content into the minds of your target audience

So a big “hello” from Fuse Innovation and feel free to visit our website once you have finished on the VideoPak site.
Thank you.

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It is essential that modern marketing evolves to reflect busy lifestyles in order to attract and engage with a target audience.
Video marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to interact and promote a product or service.