An Unrivalled Tech In Print Specialist

Through innovative creativity, stylish design and plenty of experience working with the biggest brands and agencies in the world, the opportunity to work with Fuse Innovation offers you the very best in fusing physical and digital print, design and technology.

Here at Fuse we pride ourselves as being experts in the design of tech+print solutions for communication and content delivery. We have a sincere desire to help put bold, interesting and engaging solutions at the heart of everything we do.

VideoPak is one of our most exclusive and amazing content delivery solutions.
It is the fusing together of LCD screen technology into printed packaging and is a slim and lightweight yet robust, portable device.

Our customers have used VideoPak, not only because the product is engaging, interactive, creative and memorable, helping them stand out, however also because it has genuinely helped them solve one or more key business challenges, such as:

  • retaining existing business
  • winning new business
  • amplifying brand exposure
  • improving ROI

VideoPak video brochures are excellent at delivering video content in so many ways.

  1. Direct Mail in an impressive, unique and innovative way.
  2. Delivering Pitches that leave a lasting memory.
  3. Announcements of products or services that will hold an audience’s attention.
  4. Instructions / Training – delivering complex messages in a clear and concise format.
  5. Product Presentation to showcase a product and an explanatory video simultaneously.
  6. Showreels – when you need to stand out from the competition and show what you can do in style.
  7. P.R – drawing attention to something special in a way that will get people talking.
  8. Point of Sale – create a crowd by letting the video do the talking.
  9. Promotional handouts – at events or exhibitions with a seriously impressive and engaging edge over your competitors.
  10. Invitations – with a seriously personal and unforgettable touch.

Over the last 10 years we have worked alongside some of the world’s most innovative brands and companies, to help create and design cutting edge VideoPaks for video content marketing communications.

If you would like help creating your very own VideoPak masterpiece we would LOVE to hear from you.