Artwork Guidelines

  • Artwork laid out on the correct VideoPak template
  • Images are correct resolution: 300 dpi at the scale they are placed in the layout
  • Images are in CMYK
  • Links embedded or supplied
  • Blacks are backed up: 12pt text and under is set to 100% Black and set to overprint / large black areas, create a rich black using C40 M40 Y40 K100
  • All fonts outlined
  • Correct bleed added all around the cutter, including the flaps: min 5mm
  • Text and logos are vector based (avoid bitmap text and logos)
  • 3mm safe area from cuts and folds
  • Minimum type size 5pt
  • All spot colours converted to CMYK unless quoted otherwise
  • Include Spot UV/Emboss layer when needed, assign a spot colour and set to overprint
  • Print ready PDFs supplied with and without the cutter (template)
  • All elements of the artwork (including buttons and VideoPak legal info) are included in both PDFs (If artwork is originated in InDesign, place the cutter in a separate layer to the buttons and legal info, as these need to stay on the pdf without the template)


  • The position of the buttons on the screen cover must not be altered but the font/colour can be altered to suit your artwork.
  • As standard VideoPaks are 4/0 (white inner spine). If you need the print to be 4/4 please flip the template and place the relevant artwork onto it.

Files that do not meet the above may not pass our preflight checks and may be returned or amended at the costs of £50 p.h.

We carefully review all production artwork and material specifications. However, the client is responsible for final proofing and approval of all production artwork, material specifications and printing.

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