ATTENTION! Creating the perfect storm of attention

What makes VideoPak so successful? Why do so many leading brands and agencies choose VideoPak as their creative and innovative marketing format to communicate important messages to their target audience?

Companies and Brands command our attention when they are successful in showcasing something that attracts us. From this point of engagement the company can either inform or entertain us… or sometimes both.

VideoPak is successful in delivering all of these things. VideoPak can attract an audience with it’s unique and innovative technology combining physical and digital print. VideoPak can play a video informing your target audience of your important message and Call to Action in an engaging and interactive manner. And VideoPak can definitely entertain the recipient, holding their attention and leaving a long lasting impression.

VideoPak creates the perfect storm of attention by whipping up the key features below into a perfect marketing communications tool:
Engaging – to avoid inattentional blindness (the psychological lack of attention) VideoPak allows information to be delivered in a creative, innovative and engaging manner.
Interactive – Giving, receiving and handling real objects is a deep and insightful part of the human experience. VideoPak allows the user to interact with the video message building a stronger and meaningful relationship.
Memorable – By delivering a personal and memorable experience, companies can offer an experience that engages customers and creates attention and loyalty. VideoPak achieves this experience with its interactive and engaging characteristics.
Increasing Brand awareness & loyalty – VideoPak excels in its ability in assisting its users in differentiating any brand messages previously seen, with its unique & innovative characteristics.
Triggering Emotional intensity – many humans have a strong effective memory and can remember the feelings that accompanied an experience in their lifetime.

If we were to ask people where they were when they heard about the 9/11 attacks, most would pause and take themselves back to that exact moment and feel those emotional ties. VideoPak delivers a memorable experience with an intensity of feelings that enables customers to engage and easily understand a video message.
Modern day marketing communications should include Physical AND Digital to achieve and maintain an audience’s attention. Both of these marketing formulas have advantages that enable you to personally engage and interact with your target audience, increasing brand awareness, connecting on an emotional level and leaving a memorable and long last impression.

To discover how VideoPak can gain the attention of your target audience in a unique and innovative manner please contact our sales team today.