Recycling VideoPaks

Recycling VideoPak Video Brochures

Has your VideoPak lost it’s spark? For disposing of VideoPaks, just like old mobile phones, children’s toys, power tools or a broken kettle or toaster, sometimes it’s hard to part with things that seem too valuable to throw away. The good news is they don’t have to go to waste, because you can recycle them! … Read more

Wrights Marketing talk VideoPak

Wrights Marketing specialise in Video Direct Marketing. Their approach is to look at the whole ‘customer journey’, from attracting and engaging with customers, getting them to choose and to commit working with you and retaining them. As their VideoPak production partner, Wrights Marketing recently worked with us, producing engaging and innovative video brochures for IDT, … Read more

Beauty First Studios talk VideoPak with Marcelo Bustamante, MD Amstore Innovation

Beauty First VieoPak Video Brochure Interview

Beauty First Studio is a video production company that specialises in film and video creation for the Beauty & Cosmetics industry. They have vast experience & knowledge of both the industry and online digital media. They combine innovative ideas and creative thinking to help focus on a brand’s strategy. Beauty First Studio recently conversed with … Read more

Amstore Innovation / VideoPak and the DMA

Direct Marketing and VideoPak

We are pleased to now be a part of the DMA – Direct Marketing Association. The DMA UK represents the nation’s multi-billion pound direct marketing industry. With more than 1,000 corporate members the DMA UK offers the latest and most creative thinking and the greatest community of digital and direct marketing experts, leaders, shapers and … Read more

Client Feedback

Even though we get complimented pretty much on a daily basis for our hard work ethic, our caring attitude, our skillful approach to designing and mass producing innovative products and of course for the products that we actually deliver for clients; we don’t sing about it that much… However, its about time we put a … Read more

Top 10 Applications for VideoPak

Make an Impression Cut Through Be remembered Call it what you like. VideoPak is excellent for delivering unprecedented results in: Delivering Pitches that pack a serious punch! Give away’s & Hand outs at events or exhibitions that will blow peoples socks off. Direct Mail in a unique and innovation way your competition wouldnt have thought … Read more

15 reasons why VideoPak is such a successful product

Here at Fuse Innovation we pride ourselves as being experts in the design of tech+print solutions for communication and content delivery. We have a sincere desire to help put bold, interesting and engaging solutions at the heart of everything we do. We have worked with some of the world’s most innovative brands and companies, to help create … Read more

Price Match Promise

Video Brochure Price match promise

There are lots of things that make the world go round in business, and one we face every day here at VideoPak is the challenge of our friends ‘the competitor’. But we don’t mind this. Like any company offering a great product, competition is inevitable. Being the original innovator of the video brochure concept and … Read more