Chinese New Year – Factory Shut down

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, we need to inform all our clients and prospective clients that the VideoPak factory in China will be closing from the 12th February to 26th February. As disruptive as it might be for the fast production of our VideoPak orders, our friends and colleagues in Hong Kong … Read more

As if VideoPak’s aren’t cool enough on their own…

Just when you thought VideoPak video brochures couldn’t be any cooler, why not check out some of the sexy finishes we are able to offer: Click Here Here are some ‘real life’ examples: Soft Touch Laminate + Black Foil Stamp Gold Foil Tactile (raised) Varnish Personalised Print (Variable Data) Emboss Hi-Gloss Laminate

Why use VideoPak for content marketing?

Why Video?

Why Video? If you think that video is overrated, recent research proves otherwise; with over 6 billion videos now watched online daily (Comscore, 2013). This proves people, including YOUR CUSTOMERS like to watch video! Additionally, according to a B2B Demand Generation Survey (Eloque, 2012) who researched the various marketing methods used by marketers, video marketing … Read more

Introducing VideoPak Web-Link

Introducing VideoPak Web-Link

Introducing VideoPak Web-Link VideoPak is now available with Website Launching and Analytics technology. Our brand new VideoPak Web-Link feature incorporates our impressive Digital Key technology into our VideoPaks and is designed to help continue interaction with your target audience as well as provide you with analytics and tracking around the campaign. Watch our YouTube clip … Read more

We are the Innovators

Innovative Creature

We have recently subscribed to a cutting edge B2B website technology that enables us to maximize the value of our website visitors… This clever solution enables us to identify and focus on prospects that are interested in our products and services. It is humbling to see the amount of companies from all around the world … Read more

Do you know who the Top 25 Brands of 2013 were?

25 Brands Of 2013

As we launch into 2014 I have spent some time recently reflecting on the great accomplishments that Amstore Innovation UK has achieved in 2013, with an optimistic glow that this year will bring more great success. Not only has Amstore expanded internally welcoming new account managers, graphic designers and a new marketing employee, but we … Read more

Patent infringement

Patent Infringement

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″] Patent infringement Patent infringement is becoming a common problem that many firms are consistently trying to combat. Most people will be aware of the patent war between Samsung and Apple, which began in 2011. These technology giants are two of many organisations that are in patent infringement battles. What are … Read more

VideoPak Proofing Options

Videopak Proofing Options

VideoPak Proofing Options In order to ensure we are producing a product you are happy with, we offer different proofing options. As standard, we offer PDF proofs for approval. This is to ensure the artwork we are printing, is as per the artwork we have received. If you wish to see a physical proof of … Read more