Case Study


Black Bottle is a blended scotch whisky which was first introduced in 1879. The brand has become a well-known and recognisable whisky name across the world.

BLACK BOTTLE VideoPak Video Brochure


The brand is consistently innovating and producing new products. The brand had recently incorporated a brand new Black Bottle Whisky, which they wanted to present in a unique presentation box. They had also produced a corporate video about Whisky that they wanted to accompany the product. A high quality finish was required with a strikingly unique design.


A sleek, stylish and sophisticated VideoPak presentation box with a 4.3 inch screen was made for the new Black Bottle whisky. This innovative packaging concept used light sensor technology to power up the 4.3 inch screen when the box was opened. The bottle was held in place using a beautifully cut black foam. The finished product was a classy and premium presentation box that impressed anyone who was lucky enough to receive one.