Case Study


EE, formerly Everything Everywhere, is a mobile network operator and internet service provider company. It is the largest mobile network operator in the UK, with around 28 million customers.

EE VideoPak Video Brochure


EE wanted to communicate important messages to their internal teams about their forthcoming new product EE TV. They wanted a product that they could send out to their sales team, and would sit on their desks to serve as a reminder of the exciting new product. The product needed to play multiple videos at the touch of a button. They wanted to include videos from EE Retail Director talking about the product, messages about the features and benefits of the product and of course, the latest TV Ad.


Amstore Innovation worked with EE and their agency to design and create a desktop Video playback VideoPak that had a 7” screen, video play buttons and volume control buttons. To allow for simple updating of the videos, we included a micro-SD card slot so a new card, with new videos, could easily be inserted into the top of the VideoPak ready for a new update. The pack was designed to be compact and robust and have a strut on the reverse to allow an easy-to-use solution.