Case Study

Mr Porter Kingsman

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Mr Porter Kingsman VideoPak Video Brochure


To celebrate the opening of the Kingsm​a​n M​R PORTER​ store in St.James ​London ​alongside the launch of ​the 2017 blockbuster movie T​he Golden Circle – Amstore were approached​ by the team at M​R PORTER​ to provide a hand crafted interactive invite for the combined launch event.
M​R PORTER ​have worked closely with Amstore over the past few years to showcase their new ranges to worldwide press using innovative, beautifully packaged video brochures​ – combining bespoke, cardboard engineered covers to house HD ​LCD ​video screens – complementing M​R PORTER’s​ ​design aesthetic, ​eye for ​detail​,​ craftsmanship and quality.


The Kingsman ‘The Golden Circle’ luxury Video Brochure invite was produced using ​handcrafted GS Smith card stock, bespoke CAD cutting, spot foiling & had finishing resulting in a stylish, tailored memorable piece, housed in a matching mailer – it oozed pure class……
The video content matched the packaging with ​the perfectly edited film trailer overflowing in action, ​style & humour – in classic Kingsman fashion.

The interactive invites were mailed to Fashion Editors, Stylists & VIP’s for the event on the 7th September in St James​’s to view the 60-piece collection​ ​MR PORTER has worked in concert with director Mr Matthew Vaughn, costume designer Ms Arianne Phillips that includes suits, watches, ties, umbrellas, briefcases and more​…​ Featuring both US & UK designer brands… Attendees included Mark Strong, Sam Rollison,Toby Bateman, Claudia Schiffer & director Matthew Vaughn.

Once again the partnership of MR PORTER & Amstore Innovation deliver a unique & memorable piece effortlessly combining, fashion, technology & bespoke print….