Securitas  VideoPak Video Brochure

The Company

Williams Lea Tag are one of Fuse Innovations biggest and most valued customers – they in turn work as service providers for Securitas – the Worlds leading security organisation.

The Challenge

Securitas had a request to deliver a new working practice to their network of branch managers and security officers across Europe. SEGAD – My Patrol was designed to encourage operatives, security officers and branch managers to call the Securitas central office in Belgium and feedback ideas and reports directly – empowering them and updating the companies local knowledge and helping them understand their clients needs.
Williams Lea came with 3 concepts – 2 standard card video presentation boxes including screens, fitments to hold mobile phones, charger cables and information leaflets. The third concept was a waterproof toolbox with secure catch and handle.

The Solution

Fuse evaluated each concept and worked closely with its sourcing teams to find suitable cases, screens and fitments to accommodate the assets and fill the brief. On delivering our findings and pricing concept 3 was chosen and so Fuse set to work sourcing the tool boxes, designing and testing the fitments, working on a suitable process to affix the 5″ LCD screens into the lid with a light sensor activation.
A sample unit was quickly produced to approve the fitments, stickering and screen position. On approval production began and the 500 units were delivered within 3 weeks directly to the Securitas warehouse in Belgium
Securitas were exceptionally happy with the finished results and are still evaluating the success of the project which was to be rolled out over 6 months.
Once again Fuse Innovation proved that they are able to source, produce and deliver unique concepts within tight deadlines and at agreeable prices.



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