Case Study


Trade Point is a trusted construction service and supplier of products which are supplied at over 300 B&Q stores throughout the country. Many of Trade Point’s goods are sold on B&Q shop floors.

TRADE POINT VideoPak Video Brochure


Trade Point wanted to advertise their new ‘Cooke & Lewis’ kitchen cabinets exclusively to their trade customers. The new product line was being introduced to B&Q shop floors. Trade  Point were looking for a personalised and targeted marketing approach to niche customer segments. The need for an effective and original marketing product was required that would communicate a clean cut message to prospective buyers was required.


Trade Point worked with VideoPak to design a first-of-a-kind promotion. A super-slim mailer VideoPak with a 2.4” screen that went directly into the postal system without any outer packaging. When opened, the video began to play automatically. It was directly sent to trade customers and was a personalised and novel way to get their advertising message into the hands of buyers without any interference from competitors during the communication process.

The Direct Mail VideoPak was 275mm x 170mm x just 3mm thick across 90% of the pack (bulking up a few mm where the screen electronics were located).
It weighed just 97g, making it a prefect, innovative mailing solution.