Case Study


Vodafone Group PLC is a British multinational telecommunications company founded in 1991. It is one of the largest mobile phone network compainies in the world.

VODAFONE VideoPak Video Brochure


Vodafone wanted to provide a better offering and change the way roaming is charged, so they tackled this head on by launching Vodafone Red for Global Enterprise. This new service enables people to be better connected and help customers avoid a bill shock, as users can take their home tariff abroad for just a small daily access fee. The challenge was to launch this new service, to multiple audiences across multiple countries with multiple objectives!


Decision makers were targeted across 7 countries worldwide with an innovative direct mail VideoPak. Once they opened it they were immersed in the product and benefits via a video playing on a screen providing a multi-sensory experience to drive a deeper brand engagement. Account Managers were also provided with fully comprehensive sales toolkit with content that enabled them to make slick presentations. The campaign was integrated with an email and social media programme with articles seeded across relevant social networks to springboard participation


The campaign got off to a flying start. A single contract, sold in the first week, has already paid for all the marketing activity, and there have been more to follow – including a £1 million deal across 5 countries. The work has been recognised by Vodafone’s Head of Marketing as ‘the benchmark for all future campaigns’. A job well done!