Direct Mail Post Pandemic

Since the pandemic people have been strongly responding to direct mail. Physical mail has the ability to engage and interact with a target audience in their own settings. Many marketeers are looking to include mail in their marketing campaigns and for some this will be their first experience of fusing physical and digital mail within … Read more

CTA with Video Marketing

Video is like other marketing solutions, without a call to action (CTA) little or nothing may happen. No matter how good the quality of the video content or how well planned it is, your target audience will get lost without a clear and concise call to action. You won’t achieve your desired results unless you … Read more

Why Direct Mail

Whilst we sit tight in our home working environments, the thought of having AN INTERESTING, WELL TIMED, RELEVANT, direct mail drop on our doormats is, WELL, KINDA exciting – ESPECIALLY AS THE EXCITEMENT OF WAITING FOR AN AMAZON DELIVERY FOR SOMETHING WE HAVE ORDERED AND CANT GET ANY OTHER WAY IS AT AN ALL TIME … Read more

The Way It Makes You Feel

We love making purchases, feeling the rush of pleasure chemicals, such as dopamine lighting up our emotions and feelings. As humans, ‘things’ make us feel good and we like to feel good. So if buying ‘things’ makes us feel good then the urge to satisfy that warm good feeling is strong. When a buyer decides … Read more