Why You Should Be Using Video Marketing in 2021

Video can take your marketing campaigns to the next level. It’s a highly effective form of content enabling you to connect, communicate and engage with your target audience on a deeper level. Many companies and brands that use video in their marketing campaigns often see greater results in less time than with other marketing tools. … Read more

CTA with Video Marketing

Video is like other marketing solutions, without a call to action (CTA) little or nothing may happen. No matter how good the quality of the video content or how well planned it is, your target audience will get lost without a clear and concise call to action. You won’t achieve your desired results unless you … Read more

Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners

Digital marketing is imperative in today’s fast paced busy marketing universe. It can allow you to reach out to anyone, anywhere at any time internationally. Whether you’re a local small shop, a large department store or your business is solely online, digital marketing will make a huge impact on how you advertise, market and sell … Read more

Shining the spotlight on VideoPak

With everything going on at the moment it’s only natural to feel worried and distracted. Our headspace can feel full and we just can’t seem to see clearly for what the future may hold… Here at Fuse we’ve been taking a look through our huge archive and library of tech in print solutions and reminiscing. It’s been … Read more

An Unrivalled Tech In Print Specialist

Through innovative creativity, stylish design and plenty of experience working with the biggest brands and agencies in the world, the opportunity to work with Fuse Innovation offers you the very best in fusing physical and digital print, design and technology. Here at Fuse we pride ourselves as being experts in the design of tech+print solutions … Read more

Why VideoPak Does More Than You Think

VideoPak is an engaging and interactive tech in print solution that can promote behaviour change in your target audience because it is an innovative video content delivery tool that continues to wow and impress. It grabs and maintains their attention from the minute it is in a user’s reach. Here at Fuse Innovation we have … Read more

Why So Many Brands And Agencies LOVE VideoPak And You Will Too

Over the years here at Fuse Innovation, we’ve seen many exciting changes and developments with our creative and unique tech in print solutions that help our customers get their marketing messages seen and remembered by their target audience.     We pride ourselves as being experts in the design of tech+print solutions for communication and content … Read more