VideoPak Point of Sale

Whilst VideoPak is a perfect product for delivering rich video content directly into the hands of a prospect as a traditional video brochure, it can also come in other formats such as a VideoPak presentation box and also Point of Sale units. When it comes to using VideoPak technology as a Point of Sale unit – whether a … Read more

Why leading brands choose VideoPak

Here at Amstore Innovation we decided to conduct a research study to find out more about the ‘VideoPak Effect’ and the impact it had when they received one. We reached out to seven leading industry experts who we thought could potentially use VideoPak as a format for marketing communication to engage and interact with their … Read more

Engaging and exciting ways to deliver your content.

As the well known saying goes ‘Content is King’ . Beautifully crafted content is a huge asset for business’s wishing to engage, promote and sell to their target audience and, using impressive video content is the perfect way to personalise your brand, whilst showcasing your product and service. According to Gartner, in 2015, content marketing … Read more

Recycling VideoPaks

Recycling VideoPak Video Brochures

Has your VideoPak lost it’s spark? For disposing of VideoPaks, just like old mobile phones, children’s toys, power tools or a broken kettle or toaster, sometimes it’s hard to part with things that seem too valuable to throw away. The good news is they don’t have to go to waste, because you can recycle them! … Read more

The Power of Personalisation

The Power of Personalisation

Did you know that 94% of companies agree that personalisation ‘is critical to current and future success?’ Market Data 2015 What is Personalisation? Two very simple quotes define personalisation. “An experience for the user, dictated by the user” and “Knowing who a person is and what they want from you” Marketers are focused on developing … Read more

VideoPak Proofing Options

Videopak Proofing Options

VideoPak Proofing Options In order to ensure we are producing a product you are happy with, we offer different proofing options. As standard, we offer PDF proofs for approval. This is to ensure the artwork we are printing, is as per the artwork we have received. If you wish to see a physical proof of … Read more