Direct Mail Post Pandemic

Since the pandemic people have been strongly responding to direct mail. Physical mail has the ability to engage and interact with a target audience in their own settings.
Many marketeers are looking to include mail in their marketing campaigns and for some this will be their first experience of fusing physical and digital mail within their mix.

Setting up a Direct Mail (DM) campaign is not difficult but it’s important to understand mail’s unique advantages, how it works alongside other channels and how to create a successful campaign. Direct mail can be a very impressive and persuasive marketing tool.


  • It has a Multi-sensory Appeal

Direct mail is physical and designed to be directly interacted and engaged with by its recipients.
As Royal Mail Market Reach correctly state, ‘Direct mail literally gets your brand’s message into your customers’ hands’. But even as a physical format direct mail continues to thrive and evolve thanks to new technologies.

New innovations such as built-in QR codes and augmented reality and existing tech in print solutions such as VideoPak and Digital Key all expand the horizons of what is possible whilst using mail. Direct mail enables you to engage and interact with your target audience and appeal to potentially all 5 of their senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

It allows a real world connection with audiences and builds a stronger relationship enhancing and building trust with a brand.

  • It is a Trusted Approach

Whilst technology has brought incredible innovations into our daily lives, this last year more than ever before, it has has also led to us feeling overwhelmed. The endless emails, WhatsApp messages and daily texts have bombarded us making it challenging to engage with – or trust – digital communications.

Mail is welcomed by customers of all ages – and particularly those who have grown up in the digital age. Direct mail can drive trust and make an audience feel valued, whilst creating a genuine two way relationship between brands and customers.

  • It offers a Competitive Edge

Because Direct Mail is picked up and handled by a customer – it possesses strong skills to engage. And these skills are gathering strength in the current pandemic. Direct Mail allows you to work with an age-old format that is familiar, however unique and original in today’s fast paced digital world. Tech in print solutions allow you to fuse physical and digital technologies. It can help a campaign remain secure and private until it is mailed out (as it is not open to online exposure).
Your competitors will be in the dark about your campaign or promotion until it has been executed.

With fewer distractions in the mail box and more focus online, direct mail is more effective NOW than ever before.

To create powerful direct mail for existing customers and future prospects contact our Fuse Innovation Sales Team today.