Frequently Asked Questions

How much do VideoPaks cost?

The price of VideoPaks vary and depend on several factors: screen size, product size / shape, product materials and finish, flash memory size and quantity.

To ensure VideoPak is an affordable marketing tool for all budget sizes, big or small, we have created a family of standard format VideoPaks. Each video brochure in the range has a different screen size and product dimensions, ranging from 2.4” screen business card size, up to 10” screen.

We have standardised the batteries and flash memory used in this VideoPak range to simplify the options. We can produce bespoke VideoPaks in a custom size or shape with custom components. All quotes for bespoke Video Brochures are quoted on demand.

There is the option to download standard VideoPak pricing HERE , or contact the VideoPak sales team for any further enquires.

To view the standard range, CLICK HERE

What Video formats do VideoPaks play?

VideoPaks with the smaller screens (2.4” and 2.8”) run using specialist software. This means you will need to send across the video file for is to convert so they can play. You can send the video file as an AVI, MP4 or MOV however we much prefer working with AVI files so we encourage you to send across in AVI format.

The remainder of our VideoPaks with larger screens (4.3” and bigger) have a more sophisticated chip-set meaning they have more ‘intelligence’ than the smaller screens.

We recommend AVI files as our source files for all VideoPaks.

For more detailed information on how to provide your video files click HERE

Can we change the video at a later date if needed?

Yes this is possible. VideoPak technology works similar to a USB device. Simply connect the VideoPak to your computer using the Micro-USB cable provided (or any Android phone cable) to access the flash memory of the Video Greeting Card.

Open the ‘Video’ folder to delete or replace old videos with new videos. These new videos must be in the correct format. To ensure your video files are in the correct format please click HERE

What sort of screen is used in VideoPak?

Each VideoPak contains a promotional grade TFT LCD screen. Whilst these are very high quality, it is worth bearing in mind they are not in the same league as the modern day technology we are accustomed to on iPhones, Smartphones or Tablets.

What Flash Memory storage space is on VideoPak?

As standard, for all VideoPaks with screens below 7” we use 256MB, and for all screens of 7” and above we use 1GB. Our vast experience of producing VideoPaks has taught us that this flash size is a good ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution across the range. We are able to make VideoPaks with bigger or smaller flash chips if needed, but this requires a fresh-batch production. We cant alter the Flash memory size on a stock VideoPak.

How long do VideoPaks take to produce?

This varies depending on the quantity of VideoPaks that are you are ordering. For an order produced in the UK of less than 200 units the lead time is approximately 7-12 days. For an order produced in the Far East of 50 units or more, the lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks. We base our lead times on your approval of PDFs ready for printing, having your video(s) ready to load, and having your order payment. Delays in production assets can cause delays to production.

Do your Video Brochures play sound as well as the video?

Yes, all of the VideoPak range have built in speakers enabling the pack to play back sound in addition to the video.

How many Videos can I put on to my VideoPak?

Each VideoPak can hold up to 99 videos. A majority of our clients opt to use between 1-4 videos on their VideoPaks however the software has the ability to play back many more (depending of Flash Memory storage size). A standard feature of our VideoPaks is the using of DVD controller type button set up with PLAY, PAUSE, NEXT, PREVIOUS, VOLUME+ and VOLUME-. This enables the user to navigate through multiple videos if necessary.

Can I change the configuration of the VideoPak buttons?

This is possible however we do prefer to make a fresh-batch order with the correct video function buttons pre-programmed at the beginning of the order, prior to approval. Any amendments made to the button configuration AFTER an order has been assembled takes time and will incurs additional costs.

Does VideoPak come with a warranty?

We offer a 6 month manufacturers warranty on each VideoPak, which covers factory errors. Please note this does not cover mishandling of the goods once delivered. All our VideoPaks are subject to vigorous quality control checks.

Are VideoPaks re-chargeable?

Yes. All our Video Brochures contain re-chargeable batteries. Each VideoPak comes with its own small USB cable. This can be used for charging the VideoPak as well as accessing the flash memory. Simply connect one end to the VideoPak and the other to your computer.

What are the shipping costs for VideoPak?

VideoPak shipping costs vary depending on several factors. These include the size and weight of the consignment and this is calculated from the size/weight of the VideoPaks, the quantity of VideoPaks and the number of shipping boxes. We also take into consideration where in the world we are delivering to, each city and country has different delivery tariffs. Finally the delivery service we deliver your order on whether that be Economy or Priority/Express, the latter being more expensive. When we are provide you with a quote for your VideoPak order , we will advise you of the shipping costs based on these factors.

Can I load the Video myself, or do you have to load it?

Yes, it is possible to load the video yourself onto your VideoPaks. During the VideoPak assembly process we always load a video onto the VideoPak for testing and QC purposes. So whether we load your video or our test video, it really makes no difference to us. We do prefer to load your video though because 1) it will save you from having to do it and 2) to prevent possible end-user errors that can arise from clients attempting to load their own video’s incorrectly.

Why can’t I convert the video myself for the 2.4” screen and 2.8” screen VideoPaks

We use a bespoke format for the 2.4” & 2.8” screen VideoPaks which is designed to maximise the image quality. The software that powers these units is a proprietary software designed by our engineers and plays back a specific file format that requires a specialist program to convert.

Can I change the size and shape of my VideoPak?

Yes, if you desire to work with us to develop a bespoke sized VideoPak, we can offer a range of screen, button & units sized configurations. There is a development fee for this service and an MOQ of 100 units. We also strongly recommend that an initial sample of the bespoke VideoPak is produced and approved prior to the full run.

What Outer Packaging is available for VideoPak?

The standard VideoPak outer packaging is a printed 300gsm double white card stock. We do also offer a range of alternative options with additional finishes and can advise on other materials including Polyprop plastics & Alutec style substrates. We are also able to provide outer corrugated mailers which are designed for posting the VideoPaks out individually.

How long will the VideoPak play the video(s) for before needing recharging?

VideoPak units with a 2.4” or 2.8” screen will play continuously for approximately 20-25 minutes before recharging is required. VideoPak units with a 4.3” or 5” screen will play continuously for approximately 60 minutes before recharging is required. VideoPak units with 7” or 10” screen will play continuously for approximately 90 minutes minutes before recharging is required

What type of Batteries are used in VideoPak?

All of the VideoPak range contain Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries. As an alternative we sometimes use Lithium-ion batteries.

What is VideoPaks expected life-span?

VideoPaks can be re-used indefinitely. However, please bear in mind that VideoPaks are a promotional marketing product made up of promotional components, and should not be compared to modern day Smartphones or Tablets, or other similar consumer products. The screen, batteries, controller boards & speakers we use in VideoPaks are guaranteed for 6 months however if used and charged correctly, VideoPaks will function perfectly for many years.

Can VideoPaks play JPEGs or other image files?

Yes this is possible however it is not a standard feature on VideoPaks. Here at Fuse we like to ensure VideoPaks are created with the correct software at the time of manufacture to ensure they are equipped with the correct functionality. We are able to create a video file from JPEGS so the JPEGs play-back on the VideoPak as a video file instead of individual JPEG files.

Can I have a PowerPoint presentation on a VideoPak?

Unfortunately PowerPoint presentations will not display on a VideoPak. However we are able to convert a Powerpoint Presentation into a video so it plays back as a video file on the VideoPak.

Can the video file be locked on VideoPak so it cannot be accessed or deleted?

Yes, this is a possible feature on VideoPaks however it must be done prior to manufacture and at the beginning of production. Unfortunately it cannot be done AFTER the order has been produced and assembled.

Do I get a charger cable with my VideoPaks?

Yes, each VideoPak unit comes with a short USB to Micro USB connector cable. This is included in the price quoted by the VideoPak sales team.

What USB port do you use on your VideoPaks?

Each VideoPak unit has a Micro-USB port. Most other companies use a Mini USB however we prefer to have compatibility with modern day smart phone charger cables ensuring charging the unit is hassle free.

What are the VideoPak covers printed on?

Our standard VideoPak printed card covers are printed on approximately 300gsm board and finished with a gloss or matt laminate. The Hard Cover VideoPaks and Presentation boxes are produced on a 1.5mm to 2mm grey board with a +/- 140gsm printed wrap.

What product finishing options are available on VideoPak?

The following finish options are available across the VideoPak range. Matt Laminate / Gloss Laminate. Foil stamping Embossing and De-bossing Raised varnish Spot Gloss UV Varnish Specialist paper Rigid-board Specialist die-cutting Pop-Up Creative cutting / etching

What on/off activation options are available with VideoPak?

There are a few activation options available and all three are optional across the variation of screen sizes within the VideoPak range. Magnet & Sensor On/Off (Automatic) Push-Button On/Off (Manual) Light Sensor On/Off (Automatic) Motion / Vibration (Automatic)

Why do I have to have legal text printed on my artwork?

Each VideoPak contains electronic components and must conform to certain manufacturing standards and directives. Fuse Marketing / Digital Dust is the manufacturer and exporter/importer of the VideoPak product from China across the globe and it is a legal requirement that we declare we are responsible for producing the VideoPaks.

Is there an option to add a 3.5mm Headphone socket?

Yes, this is possible for an additional fee per unit. Adding a headphone socket reuires a fresh-batch production. They cannot be retro fitted to pre-made stock units.

How long does it take to charge VideoPaks?

The time it takes to charge a VideoPak varies depending on the screen size and the battery within the video brochure. The breakdown below indicates an approximate charging time based on the screen size. 2.4” and 2.8” screens need approximately 30-45 minutes on a mains charger. 4.3” and 5” screens need approximately 1 hour on a mains charger. 7” and 10” screens need approximately 2 hour on a mains charger. Although it is possible to charge each VideoPak by connecting to a PC or electrical mains, it is worth bearing in mind that by opting to connect to a PC, rather than the mains will increase the time it takes the unit to charge by nearly double, because the electrical output is lower. .

What is the difference between a STANDARD FORMAT VideoPak and a CUSTOM DESIGNED VideoPak?

We have created a VideoPak range of standard products that are popular choices in size and shape by many of our clients. We hold this range, from 2.4” up to 7” screen size in stock to enable fast turn around solutions. Our custom designed VideoPaks are unique in size and shape according the exact requirements of our clients. These VideoPaks may vary and be bigger, smaller, thicker, thinner, have different screen positions and/or have different button locations.

What is the process of getting a video card produced?

Click HERE for an overview of the order process.

How do I supply artwork to you?

Click HERE for full details of our artwork guidelines. We are able to assist with any part of the artwork design process. Once you have created your artwork, you can send to us by email (if below 15MB), by your FTP, by our FTP, or by a file transfer system such as Dropbox, WeTransfer (or similar).

Can I have a custom Loading screen for before the video’s start playing?

Yes, this is possible. This will need to be provided at the beginning of the order as they cannot be added once the VideoPaks have been produced and assembled. We cannot add a JPEG loading screen to our pre-made stock units however we can add loading screens to fresh-batch orders.

What do I need to know about VideoPak for Point of Sale (POS)

Whilst VideoPak is available as a POS solution, there are factors that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about the VideoPak format for POS.
VideoPak has been designed as a promotional product and has a built in lithium rechargeable battery that need recharging once drained.
The standard batteries used are fit for promotional purpose but not really designed to withstand long hours of daily use and constant recharging from empty to full. As standard units, they are also not designed to be plugged into a mains power point unlike some electrical products that are specifically designed for heavy use. For this reason the following points need to be considered for VideoPak for POS:

  • a standard battery within a VideoPak will offer only a few hours of continuous video playing time
  • once drained, the batteries will need to be re-charged (taking a few hours)
  • as standard, VideoPaks do have not mains plug connection points as they are designed for portable promotional use.

Mains Power:

  • Will there be a AC mains power point connection where the point of sale will sit?
  • do you need an AC port on the VideoPak for mains connection?
  • Will you need a mains connection plug? If so, for what region? UK, Europe, USA?

Portable Power:

  • If there is not a mains connection point, will you be happy to use the internal battery built into the VideoPak or will you need a portable power bank / external battery pack to supply the power?
  • If you do need an external power supply, for what duration will power need to be supplied?

End-User usage:
To help determine the power supply that will be needed for the unit, we will need to know:

  • How long will the promotion last for? a few days, a few weeks, months, years?
  • What sort of use will the unit be subject to? Heavy daily use? Light daily use? Moderate weekly use? Light occasional use?

Control / function:

  • what user control do you need on the product? Motion sensor to activate the video? Push button to play? Video on continuous loop?
  • how many videos need to be presented?
  • do you need buttons to change videos?
  • volume controls?

For VideoPak P.O.S solutions we do need to know how the product will be used as we will not want to offer price for unnecessary features that over price the product. We will also not want to quote for a product that is under spec so it doesn’t perform as you need it to.
We do offer other POS video playing devices that are built to withstand regular and long life Point of Sale conditions and have the possibility for both built in power supply that requires recharging (like a mobile phone).