Print Solutions talk Digital Key with Amstore Innovation

We are very pleased to see our sister product Digital Key , featured in this months Print Solutions magazine.

The July/August 2015 issue 20, features a 3 page article on Amstore Innovation’s Digital Key product and comes with a working sample of the product that showcases exactly how the product works.

Digital Key is a USB device fused into print that automatically launches a website when plugged into a computer. It is designed to link a branded marketing product directly to web content and comes with a cloud based Reporting Dashboard that allows you to log in and see the real-time performance of the campaign.

Each Digital Key has a Unique ID, which means you can track and analyse the response and behaviour of users.

Our VideoPak customers are becoming Digital Key customers too and merging these two engaging, innovative and personalised marketing communication tools together.

  1. Receive the VideoPak
  2. Watch the Video
  3. Plug the Digital Key into your Computer
  4. Arrive online and follow the Call to Action

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