Product Distribution – useful information

Here at Amstore Innovation, we are flexible. You can collect your goods. We can deliver them to you at an address of your choice. We can mail the individual units all around the country. We can even manage a global distribution for you.

So, whether you order VideoPaks, Digital Keys, CDs, DVDs or any other kind of unique marketing distribution, we are here to ensure your product arrives in the hands of your target audience on time and in budget.

Trust us! We’ve been doing it for years.

In order to offer you pricing for your distribution, there are many factors that affect the pricing. Product weight, product size, number of deliveries, number of countries, delivery service (to name a few).

But don’t worry, we have created an overview for you to help you get an understanding of what is involved and what information we need from you.


CONTACT US if you have any further questions.