Recycling your Video Book

Has your VideoPak lost it’s spark?

For disposing of VideoPaks, just like old mobile phones, children’s toys, power tools, electric toothbrush, a broken kettle or toaster, sometimes it’s hard to part with things that seem too valuable to throw away.

Video Brochures are made using a whole host of clever technology including the LCD video screen itself, speakers (with hundreds of micro components), Flash memory and processor chips, buttons, cables, connectors and rechargeable batteries.

The good news is they don’t have to go to waste, because you can recycle them! Simply drop them off at your local recycling centre.

You can find your nearest UK recycling centre by entering your postcode HERE

Contact us for Recycling centres in different countries.

Alternatively, even if your VideoPak is working perfectly but has finished its job and its time to say goodbye, you could consider sending them back for re-use:

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