Shining the spotlight on VideoPak

With everything going on at the moment it’s only natural to feel worried and distracted. Our headspace can feel full and we just can’t seem to see clearly for what the future may hold…

Here at Fuse we’ve been taking a look through our huge archive and library of tech in print solutions and reminiscing. It’s been quite enjoyable to have some time to sit back, with a hot cuppa and look through the many samples and remember their journey’s.

Without a shadow of a doubt we all agreed that VideoPak is our leading tech in print marketing solution and worth shining the spotlight on.

Created and designed back in 2009, Fuse Innovation is the pioneering innovator of the video in print format.  As a trusted global market leader of video brochure design and development, our vast client base of leading brands and agencies alongside our order history is testament to the creative thinking of our clients and has really helped us flex our product design muscles.

With Fuse offices and VideoPak partners around the world, we have helped many clients succeed in their mission to engage and interact with the important contacts while delivering their important company messages and video content. We are proud to have developed and manufactured such a vast array of VideoPak, video brochures, video greeting cards, presentation boxes, point of sale and other forms of LCD screens fused into print and packaging.

VideoPak video books are excellent for delivering unprecedented results for video marketing, business communications and content delivery. They are a perfectly balanced physical + digital marketing tool.

We’ve worked with many of the world’s most renowned brands and agencies to help them deliver their message with great impact.

To read more about how our VideoPaks have successfully featured in many marketing campaigns click here.

If you would like to know more about how VideoPaks can feature in your next campaign and impress your audience, contact our Fuse Sales Team today.