Ten Reasons To Love VideoPak

Ten Reasons To Love VideoPak

  1. It’s a showstopper
    VideoPak is cool, slick and stylish. Everyone loves it.
  2. Endorsed by the best brands
    In 2013, 75% of the World’s Coolest Brands, including Google and YouTube used VideoPak in their marketing mix because of the way it super-powers a message.
  3. It’s modern and interactive
    By combining print and video, it delivers a digital message and a physical product straight into the hands of your customers or prospects.
  4. Multi-sensory for extra impact
    Appealing to more than one sense at a time, is a highly effective way to communicate. With VideoPak, your customers can watch and listen to your message. They’re immersed in the brand and gain an immediate feel for your product or service.
  5. It’s impressive
    By presenting your message in an unexpected format, VideoPak helps you stand out -in a way that print can’t- and will give you the edge over your competitors.
  6. Boosts recall
    As VideoPak is both original and customisable, people are more likely to remember your brand and message. This increases the likelihood of you gaining the attention of hard-to-reach audiences and important, highly discerning prospects.
  7. It’s hyper-personalised
    The size, shape and screen size of every VideoPak is designed to your precise requirements. You can also include a personal message for each customer in both the VideoPak text and video.
  8. Scalable and sophisticated
    You can order VideoPaks in very low quantities, from as few as five copies, so you can focus on targeting your top customers and prospects as well as produce extended runs for wider campaigns.
  9. It has breakthrough quality
    VideoPaks achieve cut through like no other target-marketing product. In fact, the response to Vodafone’s highly successful VideoPak direct mail campaign is credited as resetting “the benchmark for all future campaigns.”
  10. It’s the intelligent choice
    VideoPak will transform how your customers perceive and react to your business. And in a world of banal marketing messages, VideoPak will make sure you’re remembered.
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    A superb piece of content. VideoPak sounds great.

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