The Way It Makes You Feel

We love making purchases, feeling the rush of pleasure chemicals, such as dopamine lighting up our emotions and feelings.
As humans, ‘things’ make us feel good and we like to feel good. So if buying ‘things’ makes us feel good then the urge to satisfy that warm good feeling is strong.

When a buyer decides to go ahead with a purchase for themselves, they will firstly think about themselves but also what they stand to gain by buying.
As a seller, you need to entice them and encourage them to make that purchase by telling them why your product/service will help them, make their life easier, improve their daily life and share previous client success stories.

How do you focus their attention solely to your products and services and not that of your competitors? You must be clear about why your product/service is a must have over an alternative.
Pointing out what a buyer stands to gain from buying your product/service requires them to use their imagination and picture themselves in a better place by having purchased from you.
Whilst buyers can be hesitant to believe your product/service is the answer to their prayers, you must build trust and engage with them so they’re confident you’re not just trying to sell them anything, not an impulse purchase but something to help them.

Buyers are super savvy and will shop around so you need to ensure your prices are competitive and a good deal.
Everyone loves a good deal, right?

Direct mail too can create the rush of pleasure chemicals and creative solutions such as VideoPak allow you to engage, interact and create a memorable marketing experience with your customers. It can make us feel important, that someone is demanding our attention and cares for us.

Direct mail is a very trusted channel to showcase your brand. The more customers know about and trust your brand, the more they are likely to buy from you. Thus enabling your audience to emotionally connect.

Using direct mail can be an excellent marketing platform to help you find new customers, gain more attention from existing customers and grow your business.

Solutions such as VideoPak can knock your customers off their feet with our vast array of collection, video brochures, video greeting cards, presentation boxes, point of sale and other forms of LCD screens creatively fused into print and packaging.

Let VideoPak create a rush of pleasure and show your clients just how much you feel for them in your next direct mail campaign.