Introducing VideoPak’s new concept – Video CallerPak

Video CallerPak  VideoPak Video Brochure

We all value our clients and want to connect with them in a direct, personal way – delivering our message and, in turn, valuing their views and response.

Video CallerPak is a new communication product that delivers this in one fully integrated, branded & interactive product.

Combining an HD LCD video screen with a built in phone & 2G sim card – directed to a pre-programmed telephone number – wrapped in handy sized printed brochure.

This is how it could be used:

Video CallerPak  VideoPak Video Brochure

And here is how to use it…

1.   Open the Video CallerPak. The video screen will automatically begin to play

2.   The “calling” feature works just like a mobile phone. Whilst it powers up simultaneously with the screen, the call needs to be activated independently

3.   Note, it is possible to retro-update the number, but we recommend pre-programming the call number at the time of mass-production. So all units can be fully tested before delivery.

4.  After a few seconds you will hear the number dialling and, soon after, the call will be answered

5.   Talk into the Video CallerPak units (which has a built in microphone and speaker) just like a mobile phone

6.   End the call by single pressing the red ‘End Call’ button

7.   Turn the Video CallerPak off by closing the cover


The Video CallerPak is user friendly and guaranteed to deliver high ​​response rates and offer measurable ROI.

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