VideoPak – How it all began

The Greek philosopher Aristotle put forth the idea that “”A whole is what has a beginning and middle and end””. Indeed a story follows suit….

The Beginning….

The VideoPak story began in 2009 when company director Marcelo Bustamante met with a leading brand to discuss the distribution of their TV ads. Bored with show-casing video of their ads on USB’s, they asked for something new, innovative and impressive.
Whilst in China, Company owner Marcelo Bustamante met with an LCD screen manufacture and purchased a variety of screens and electronics and, on returning to the UK, spent many hours, days and weeks working on ways to fuse the screen into print & packaging. His creative packaging background from working at ASG Worldwide for many years was put to the test…

After lots of prototypes and trial and error, Marcelo and his team successfully sourced high quality screens, re-chargeable batteries, buttons, speakers and PCBs along with sleek, glossy and customised print and the first VideoPak was born.

The Middle….

Since it’s conception, VideoPak has grown from a single low quantity order for one company (Coca-Cola), into a marketing communications tool that is being used by companies big and small, all around the world. Net-a-Porter, B&Q, Samsung, Ebay, You Tube, Google, Microsoft, Harrods are just a few well known brands that have chosen to impress their target audience with VideoPak. The screen sizes have grown in variety-2.4, 2.8, 4.3, 5, 7 & 10 inch, as has the product range; from standard video brochures to presentation boxes, point of sale & creative packaging formats.

The End….

There is no end in sight! VideoPak is leading the way in creative, innovative & engaging video technology. With 6 screen sizes available and low MOQ’s, there is an VideoPak option to suit every budget.  The continued fusion of other technologies such as NFC, Digital Key, QR Cddes, Variable printing and all sorts of specialist print finishes keeps VideoPak constantly evolving

Contact the VideoPak sales team to order your own personalised video brochures that will help you engage & impress your target audience.