VideoPAK Point-of-Sale

Whilst VideoPak is available as a POS solution, there are factors that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about the VideoPak format for POS.

VideoPak has been designed as a promotional product and has a built in rechargeable battery that needs recharging once drained.

Videopak Point-of-Sale VideoPak Video Brochure

The standard batteries used are fit for promotional purpose but not really designed to withstand long hours of daily use and constant recharging from empty to full. As standard units, they are also not designed to be plugged into a mains power point unlike some electrical products that are specifically designed for heavy use. For this reason the following points need to be considered for VideoPak for POS:

  • a standard battery within a VideoPak will offer only a few hours of continuous video playing time
  • once drained, the batteries will need to be re-charged (taking a few hours)
  • as standard, VideoPaks do have not mains plug connection points as they are designed for portable promotional use.

Main Power

  • Will there be a AC mains power point connection where the point of sale will sit?
  • do you need an AC port on the VideoPak for mains connection?
  • Will you need a mains connection plug? If so, for what region? UK, Europe, USA?

Portable Power

  • If there is not a mains connection point, will you be happy to use the internal battery built into the VideoPak or will you need a portable power bank / external battery pack to supply the power?
  • If you do need an external power supply, for what duration will power need to be supplied?

End User Usage

  • To help determine the power supply that will be needed for the unit, we will need to know: How long will the promotion last for? a few days, a few weeks, months, years

  • What sort of use will the unit be subject to? Heavy daily use? Light daily use? Moderate weekly use? Light occasional use?

Control / Function

  • what user control do you need on the product? Motion sensor to activate the video? Push button to play? Video on continuous loop?
  • how many videos need to be presented?
  • do you need buttons to change videos?
  • volume controls?

For VideoPak P.O.S solutions we do need to know how the product will be used as we will not want to offer price for unnecessary features that over price the product. We will also not want to quote for a product that is under spec so it doesn’t perform as you need it to.

We do offer other alternative video playing POS devices that are built to withstand long-life Point of Sale retail conditions.