Timeline of Video and Media formats

Timeline of Video and Media formats  VideoPak Video Brochure

We’ve come along way since Thomas Edison captured the first moving images way back in 1890. Since then, there have been many innovative and mighty fine developments throughout the history of video, how it is distributed and how it is seen… I wonder how Thomas Edison would have felt if he had received one of our VideoPaks in the post?

Each of these steps in video progression have captured our attention somewhere along it’s journey; whether it be a favourite TV show, a timeless movie or an entertaining clip on YouTube.

In the last 5 years VideoPak has helped some of the world’s biggest brands & agencies capture and attract peoples attention! VideoPak’s interactive and engaging properties never fail to leave a lasting impression.

Why not see for yourself? Contact the VideoPak sales team to order your own personalised video brochures to ensure your next important video message gets into the right hands and successfully leaves that lasting impression.

Timeline of Video and Media formats  VideoPak Video Brochure

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