• Handle product with care
  • Do not expose the unit to water or moisture. Keep in a dry ambient environment
  • Do not expose the unit to extreme temperatures
  • Do not place pressure or objects on the unit. This is a sensitive electronic unit
  • Do not disassemble the unit
  • Do not drop
  • Keep unit out of reach of children
  • Do not pierce or puncture the print
Activation / Turning on/off unit
  • VideoPak will power up automatically upon opening.
  • Electronics will turn off when pack is closed. (push button VideoPaks will require manual activation)
Charging the unit (Lithium rechargeable battery)
  • Connect to a computer using the supplied USB connector cable or using A/C mains charger.
  • Pack must be open (magnet ‘away’ from sensor) whilst charging
Selecting a Video (on multi-button units)
  • Select and press one of the video buttons. This will automatically stop the current video playing and change to the next video selected.
Changing the volume (on units with volume buttons)
  • To turn the volume UP: press/hold volume up button.
  • To turn the volume DOWN: press/hold volume down button.
VideoPak User Instructions VideoPak Video Brochure
VideoPak doesn’t turn on
  • Ensure there is charge in the battery. Connect to computer using connector cable to charge the unit.
    Note: VideoPak will not play whilst on charge.
  • Pack could be in standby. Close/open the pack to restart the electronics.
Unit is on, but no videos are playing
  • Only video files named 1.avi, 2.avi, 3.avi should be on the memory.
  • If file names have been changed from the above, the videos may not play. If so, rename as above.
  • Packs will switch off automatically after several seconds of inactivity.
Screen has frozen or corrupted
  • Close/open the pack to restart the electronics.
  • Connect to a computer and disconnect.
I cannot hear my VideoPak
NOTE: Product is designed for relatively
quiet environments with little ambient noise.
  • Ensure volume is turned up.
  • Check there is meant to be sound with the video.
  • Possible manufacturer’s fault.
New video files transferred but
do not play or play in a pixelated fashion
  • Ensure that the videos have been created in the right codec and the correct aspect ration resolution with a suitable bit rate.
Other issues
  • Please email:
  • Connect VideoPak to PC using Micro-USB cable
  • Access ‘Video’ Folder on the VideoPak Flash Memory (just like a USB device)
  • Delete any video files that are in the folder (There is always at least one there for Testing/QC purposes)
  • Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop the new file(s)
  • Ensure videos are named 1, 2, 3, 4 (and so on)
  • Ensure the files are created correctly (see ‘Screen Sizes and
    Video Information’)

NOTE: Videos for 2.4” & 2.8″ screens require a specialist conversion.
Please send us your avi video file and we will convert for you.