VideoPak Video Brochure – YouTube in your hands

VideoPak Video Brochure YouTube in your hands

We’ve all heard the saying: a picture paints a thousand words. Well with a one minute video, you can get straight into the hearts and minds of your target audience, because a video is worth 1.8 million words (McQuivey, 2014).

Video has now become the medium people choose to satisfy their need for information. Why? Because it’s the fastest and easiest way to absorb news, comment and opinion. YouTube’s success proves this. It receives over one billion unique visitors a month, who all like, comment and share the videos they watch.

In a world filled with competing marketing messages, where the sheer volume of voices pushes customers to tune into only the most relevant, video can still hold peoples’ attention. And a bite-sized video promo is a fresh, unexpected and immediate way to transmit your message.

Our VideoPak video brochure technology works just like YouTube but it’s richer and more tailored because it presents your video in a bespoke Video Brochure – in your hands and at your fingertips. This provides a direct, physical and multi-sensory way for your customers to experience your product. You control the promotional marketing message and the look and feel, while your audience receives a sophisticated, targeted piece of relevant brand content that’s easy to digest.

So if you want to achieve cut-through and want your brand or business to be remembered, then VideoPak video books are the creative alternative. They transcend traditional marketing strategies and will make sure your product or service stays in your customers’ mind. In fact, it’s so effective that both YouTube and Google, two of the world’s leading brands, asked us to create VideoPaks to help them market and promote their services.

We’ve worked with 100s of successful businesses to devise compelling VideoPaks designed to help them gain an advantage over their competitors. What’s more when accompanied with Digital Key webkeys , NFC technology, QR codes or unique serial codes, you can track the ROI of every VideoPak campaign and measure its effectiveness.

So forget conventional email campaigns, or print-only direct mail and take a leap into the future of marketing with VideoPak technology.</P

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