VideoPak is a product brought to you by Fuse Innovation.

With Fuse offices and VideoPak partners around the world, we truly are a global leader for the design, development and manufacture of VideoPak, video brochures, video greeting cards, presentation boxes, point of sale and other forms of LCD screens fused into print and packaging.

We created this concept in 2009 and are the pioneering innovator of the Video in Print format for brochures, boxes, mailers, point of sale, business cards and more. As a trusted global market leader of video brochure design and development, our vast client base and order history is testament to our expertise.

Our knowledge and experience as a video brochure manufacturer has allowed us to offer a truly global service and a product that is advanced in class and quality.



Our VideoPak units are designed to look & feel elegant whilst functioning with sophistication. Starting from the electronic bootup, customized opening logo, closing logo, buttons, sound, brightness, charging screen, card finish, and assembly are optimized to the highest degree.


As market leaders and product innovators, we are the only company that has consistently improved our quality and product range since 2009. Where many competitors focus on cheap pricing, we focus on product creativity, quality and superior service, along with highly competitive price. Market traders for this product are unable to control the quality of each component (such as battery, LCD screen, self adhesive tape), because they are unaware of what components the Chinese suppliers are using in their products. We purchase every single component from a known and trusted source, giving us full control.

VideoPak is the original and leading manufacturer of Video brochures to the trade and end user.

We specialize in protecting the brand names and status of our clients who have devoted time developing and maintaining their company image and products and our clients appreciate our high quality.