Jump - QR+NFC

VideoPaks can now have a super powerful call-to-action feature with Jump - QR + NFC.

With a simple tap or scan of their phone, the end-user can jump from the VideoPak in their hand, straight to a page on their phone where they can:

Find out more >> Make a Purchase >> Call Now >> Visit Web-page >> and more.

The answer to the Physical-to-Digital divide


Jump stickers and Tags provide an useful leg-up to companies who embrace modern interactive, engaging contactless technology like this.

It provides companies a cost-effective, quick and easy way for your target audience to interact online with a physical product or location.

It solves the problem of the physical digital divide (getting people online), providing a seamless bridge from physical to digital. There is no app to download (for most phones) so low barrier for use. The tech is already built in to most modern day smartphones and ready to use out of the box

It uses familiar technology (tap or scan) allowing people to deep-dive online.

Welcome to the dynamic and interactive world of Jump –

 the smart sticker or plastic tag that elegantly jumps your customers from physical to digital with a simple tap (NFC) or scan (QR) of their smartphone.

Jump allows you to digitise anything!