VideoPak Web-Link

VideoPak is now available with Website Launching and Analytics technology.

Our brand new VideoPak Web-Link feature incorporates our impressive Digital Key technology into our VideoPaks and is designed to help continue interaction with your target audience as well as provide you with analytics and tracking around the campaign. Watch our YouTube clip to find out more!

Web-Link **NEW**  VideoPak Video Brochure
Web-Link **NEW**  VideoPak Video Brochure

Benefits of Web-Link Technology

  1. Ability to continue engagement and the interactive journey by simply connecting the VideoPak to a computer to take you online. The call to action could launch a personalised message, a video or a website
  2. Each VideoPak unit has an individual ID allowing full tracking & analytics using a cloud-based reporting system which provides in-depth reports that can be extracted and analysed.
  3. Digital Key technology is patented and only available through Amstore. It is licensed from Visible Computing Ltd.
  4. Cost effective and reusable to help maximise ROI.

Uses for VideoPak Web-Link

  • Promoting a product or service in a novel and exciting way
  • Powerful addition to a promotional marketing mix
  • Point of sale
  • PR
  • Build and increase brand awareness
  • Handouts at events and exhibitions
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