Why Combining Physical And Digital Marketing Solutions Is So Successful

It’s clear that physical marketing still holds its place firmly in today’s fast paced consumer driven world.

However it’s also widely acknowledged that digital marketing is a fantastic format for allowing you to communicate with your target audience, especially through the many social media platforms available. Many companies have switched their focus from direct mail to digital marketing, a key trend in today’s fast and modernmarketing campaigns. Previously, marketers had claimed that it can be too challenging to measure return on investment (ROI) and profitability from direct mail and it is very unlikely to build the same strong client relationships that are formed through digital media.

Direct mail sent through the post remains a very successful, engaging and interactive physical marketing communication tool that can influence the recipient to make an impulsive decision and follow the direct call to action (CTA).

Research from Royal Mail shows that 92% of all direct mail is opened and almost half of UK adults (48%) take action after receiving it, 79% of whom respond immediately. Notably, physical direct mail is responsible for driving 44% of traffic to brands’ websites.

Physical mail is often seen as the more ‘personal’ marketing solution. Royal Mail’s MarketReach reported that physical mail makes recipients feel more valued than email. Their research also revealed that 69% of consumers will open a letter regarding a business promotion or offer, and 60% will open mail that offers a product or service from a company that they don’t already have. They also found that once received, recipients like to hold onto physical mail, interact with it and refer back to it for as long as two weeks after receipt. Whilst emails can end up in a junk folder or can easily be deleted, by also including a physical piece of direct mail businesses can communicate to their clients ensuring their message gets across to their audience in the most effective way.

Therefore, it’s clear, that both digital and physical marketing solutions have significant benefits.
Combining both physical and digital marketing techniques will enable you to personally engage with your target audience, understand their individual preferences, increase brand awareness and connect on an emotional level.
By facilitating a cross-media experience with both physical and digital mail you can ensure that your marketing message is seen but not forgotten.

Digital mail is quick to absorb, easy to read and is ideal for delivering informal communications. Physical mail grabs our attention and allows us to communicate and engage on a deeper level. Physical mail is also a valuable way of showing your target audience that you value them; this helps to build strong relationships and encourage positive engagement and interactivity.

Here at Fuse Innovation, we are constantly researching and looking for new tech innovations that fuse physical and digital in a cool, innovative and impressive way and we have a sincere desire to help our customers to stand out and put bold-interesting-engaging tech-in-print solutions at the heart of our daily grind.
We believe we are the best destination for the most creative tech in print products available.

Our extensive library of creative marketing tech + print products includes VideoPak, Live Beacon, Handi SOS,  WiFiPak, Digital Key, Led-in-Print, Audio-in-print, NFC, DSD Box, CD DVD Vinyl, Custom USBs, ePaper and Solar in Print.

Our clients use our solutions when they need their message to be seen and retained. They work extremely well as:

  • Invitations
  • Product (or service) Launches
  • Training / Education
  • Company Announcements
  • Welcome-Packs
  • Promotions and PR
  • Pitches & Tenders
  • Showreels
  • Press-Releases

We would love to combine your physical and digital marketing needs to help create your very own personalised and tech in print marketing communication tool.

To find out how we can help contact the Fuse team.


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