Why Direct Mail

Whilst we sit tight in our home working environments, the thought of having AN INTERESTING, WELL TIMED, RELEVANT, direct mail drop on our doormats is, WELL, KINDA exciting – ESPECIALLY AS THE EXCITEMENT OF WAITING FOR AN AMAZON DELIVERY FOR SOMETHING WE HAVE ORDERED AND CANT GET ANY OTHER WAY IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH.

DIRECT MAIL It’s something we can touch, see, smell and feel and all of these reasons are why people love a A GOOD PIECE OF mail nowadays – AS LONG AS IT IS RELEVANT.

Research from Royal Mail MarketReach backs up the power that physical mail has.

People of all ages engage with mail – 94% is opened, read, or filed. Also, 70% of people said mail gives them a better impression of the company that sent it, while touch generates surprisingly powerful and long-lasting memories.

Once mail is physically picked up it can remain in a home for more than 28 days, giving your brand a real presence in the THE home (AND LIVES) OF YOUR CUSTOMERS AND PROSPECTS.

Direct mail is a very impressive and persuasive marketing tool. Once you have your key message and you’re ready to deliver, the ten reasons outlined below highlight the importance of direct mail and its powerful punch in engaging your target audience.

Using direct mail, you can:

Offer a Competitive Edge:

Direct Mail allows you to work with an age-old format that is familiar, however unique and original in today’s fast paced digital world. Tech in print solutions allow you to fuse physical and digital technologies. It can help a campaign remain secure and private until it is mailed out (as it is not open to online exposure).
Your competitors will be in the dark about your campaign or promotion until it has been executed.

Help increase online traffic:

When fused with a Digital call-to-action, Direct Mail is effective in helping you drive your target audience to your website. The Physical-to-Digital fusion has an impressive impact.

Show your clients you value them:

Direct Mail recipients claim that receiving mail makes them feel more valued and creates a genuine two way relationship between brands and consumers.

Generate Sales Leads:

Sending personalised direct mail to future prospects can increase interest in your brand whilst engaging in an emotional way.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Direct Mail is a very trusted channel. It enables you to build and showcase your brand. The more customers know about and trust your brand, the more they are likely to buy from you.

Maintain and Boost Customer Loyalty:

Direct mail allows you to reach out to your existing customers and prospects with new announcements and special offers.

Deliver important announcements in style:

Direct Mail is a great way to deliver content to clients and future prospects. There are many opportunities to create unique, impressive and stylish formats.

Up-sell or Cross-sell:

Using Direct Mail allows you to draw attention to your products and services. Showcasing your full range of products and services can engage your clients to new areas of your business.

Combine mailings with your Brand / Product partners:

Offering a combined mailing with a collaborative partner is a cost effective option and can add value through engaging special offers and dual discounts.

Boost your other Media Channels:

Direct Mail is a fantastic way to drive engagement to your other channels such as email, web, social media, mobile, QR codes, NFC, Digital Key (USB webkeys), VideoPak LCD Video Brochures, WifiPak, Jump and many more…

Direct mail enables you to engage with your target audience and place your brand directly into their hands and appeal to potentially all 5 of their senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

To create powerful direct mail content to offer your existing customers and future prospects contact our Sales Team today.