Why So Many Brands And Agencies LOVE VideoPak And You Will Too

Over the years here at Fuse Innovation, we’ve seen many exciting changes and developments with our creative and unique tech in print solutions that help our customers get their marketing messages seen and remembered by their target audience.



We pride ourselves as being experts in the design of tech+print solutions for communication and content delivery. We have a sincere desire to help put bold, interesting and engaging solutions at the heart of everything we do. We have worked with some of the world’s most innovative brands and companies, to help create and design cutting edge technology for marketing communications.

Our customers have used VideoPak, not only because the product is engaging, interactive, creative and memorable, helping them stand out however also because it has genuinely helped them solve one or more key business challenges, such as:


  • retaining existing business
  • winning new business
  • amplifying brand exposure
  • improving ROI


VideoPak can evoke many exciting, impressive and memorable reactions. It is a powerful marketing communication tool that stands out from more traditional marketing formats.

It’s key features include:

Digital & physical fusion – enabling a successful combination of both marketing approaches to maximise the information you are trying to communicate.

Multi sensory – places your video directly into the client’s hands enabling them to see, hear, touch and even smell and taste your message and product.

Uses Video – delivering your message through video can help to hold your audience’s attention longer and convey important content in a concise manner.

Interactive – your audience are incredibly visual and moving images can help them connect with your brand as they select different videos.

Engaging – keeping your audience engaged can be the best and fastest way to gain their trust.

Personalised– one of the biggest trends in marketing at the moment which can increase sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty through variable data print and personalised videos.

Memorable – ensuring your clients remember you, your message and the experience


From luxury and engaging invitations with Kingsman Mr Porter and the DMA, product promotion with Sanctuary Spa and L’Oreal to promoting business services with a super cool, creative and high bespoke VideoPak for internet sensation YouTube and Hilton Hotels.

We LOVE to create and spread VideoPak magic and fuse tech into print.

If you would like help creating an impact with your next video marketing message and would love to create your own VideoPak we would LOVE to hear from you.