We hope this video will help you realise and understand the reasons as to why VideoPak Video Brochures and presentation boxes are such powerful products in delivering your video content.

However with other competitor companies out there to choose from “WHY VIDEOPAK” is a good question.

Every day we battle to win orders from other Video Brochure factories and Video Mailer brokers. Yet we continue to be successful in winning work from small start up’s to household global brands, all around the world, and becoming an important part of their production plans – and an extension of their team.

Here are a few reasons why we believe VideoPak is the the first choice for our clients:


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Why we are the first choice for our clients


Relied on by companies around the world to deliver a quality product; on time.​


Over 10 years experience in doing what we do.


A knowledgable, professional and friendly team on standby.


Value through volume. We pass cost savings on and manufacture at source.


Our product has to be tip-top, and whether your Rolls Royce or a start up, the product quality will always be high.

Product Range

As designers and innovators of the Video Brochure and Video Box and Video Mailer, you can be sure our innovative concepts covers the entire range.

Service Range

We don’t just design and produce the VideoPaks, we offer a vast array of additional services from Graphic design, through to the Global distribution​.


If you are looking for something non-conventional and unique to really help you stand out, our creative team will wave their magic wands.e.​


the sum of our experience and industry knowledge allows us to be flexible in our approach – whether it is with product options, price or lead times.

If you need to receive a premium product produced using high quality tech components, with an excellent service, at a fair price, you should choose VideoPak. We are an ambitious and disruptive company that has not only invented, but been responsible for manufacturing some of the most creative and famous Video Brochure concepts in the marketplace.

“Always copied, never matched” – VideoPak has evolved over the years with now one simple aim: …to help our clients stand out from their competition and achieve outstanding results in their direct marketing campaigns”



See some of the work we have done over the years.

Our services

We have become synonymous with creating high quality, innovative product and solutions,
delivered around the world with highly competitive prices.

Product design

Graphic design

Supply chain management

Manufacturing & mass-production


Global distribution and mailings

So how do we take on our competitors in our industry?

Firstly, we believe we are truly unique in our service and product offerings.
Our supply chain network spans the world, with manufacturing partnerships in the UK, Europe and the Far East. Many of our VideoPaks are manufactured in China – the universally recognised home of tech product production.

We typically offer two manufacturing options:

1) Far East production for higher runs with slightly longer lead times.  slightly lower costs
2) UK / European production for lower run, quicker turn around time / speedy service

We have a unique business model that sees our customers orders coming directly from the factory – taking out the expensive middlemen.
We genuinely believe that we apply fair margins to our cost prices, and we’re open about it resulting in honest pricing for the product quality received and the service given.
also We are determined to provide the type of customer care that you may have thought vanished in the last century, however is very much still alive here at FUSE Marketing

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    Why VideoPak VideoPak Video Brochure


    Why VideoPak VideoPak Video Brochure

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    Why VideoPak VideoPak Video Brochure

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    Why VideoPak VideoPak Video Brochure