Why You Need An Explainer Video For Your Business

Whether your business is old or new, delivering video content to your clients and prospects is a fantastic way to grab and hold their attention.

How many times do we turn to YouTube when we want to learn more about a product and how best to use it?
Maybe your clients/prospects don’t fully understand your business or the services you provide and want to know more about how they can help them.
Video content is an excellent way of engaging with your clients and explaining to them why they need your products/services.

Explainer videos allow you to do exactly that. A video that explains to your customer who your company is, how it works and how your products/services work and can help them.
Rather than them scrolling through a lengthy page of company history, they can watch a video and see (rather than read) what your company is all about.

In regards to social media platforms and SEO, an explainer video can increase and boost your following. Be sure to properly tag your explainer videos to ensure your target audience sees them, discovers more about your brand and is encouraged to purchase.
When tagging your explainer videos, think about what your clients would search online for. What would you type in to find your product? Compile a list of your keywords.
By using these keywords and adding them into taglines for your explainer videos, your videos will gather more attention and views and can drive an increase of traffic to your website.
By adding an explainer video to your homepage will attract more customers to your website and give them a great first impression that could result in an increase in sales and your online presence.

VideoPak video brochures are engaging, interactive, impressive and memorable. They are a powerful direct marketing communication tool that stands out from more traditional marketing formats. We’ve worked with many of the world’s most renowned brands and agencies to help them deliver their explainer videos using VideoPak video books.

Once you’ve successfully filmed and edited your explainer video, contact our Fuse Sales Team to learn how VideoPak is the most engaging and memorable tech in print solution to deliver your content directly into the hands of your audience.